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Partner with Us

Thank you for being interested in becoming a key partner in our construction project’s success. At Rockwell Construction Company, we believe that you are the cornerstone to delivering the best overall value to our customers. We are currently bidding on the following projects below. Please sign-in to access project documents, plans and specifications. If there is an addendum, it will be marked with a .

Hagerstown City Park Locomotive 
East Pat Lofts 

Searching for the Best

As a trusted full-service general contractor serving Franklin County, Jefferson County, Berkeley County, Washington County, and Frederick County; we are constantly searching for the best partners to bid on our bidding projects. The project documents, plans, and specifications attached to the projects above will give you the tools to bid the project successfully. If you have any questions at all or are seeking an addendum, please contact us and we will make sure that have what you need to become, or continue to be a trusted Rockwell Construction Company partner.

We see our partners as an extension of our staff and together we form the most important asset to Rockwell Construction. Our outstanding team is making history and the result is 50 years of successful projects and satisfied owners. Our bidding projects are an opportunity to continue the tradition of excellence that sets us apart from the competition. Help us today by joining our bidding projects.

We trust that you will join us in embodying and fulfilling Our Mission by passing your superior guidance, service and value on to our customers. Together we can be an award winning team and offer excellence in construction and customer service.

We are Built. Well.

Our entire team, including our dedicated partners, execute using our 5 Operational Strategies. That is how we to deliver our projects on budget, on time and to our customers’ satisfaction.