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The Nolde Gymnasium Project Consisted of the complete renovation of the original 1912 Nolde Gymnasium including the demolition of the front façade constructed in 1967 and the addition of two new front wings totaling 4,400 sq.ft.

The Project was Phased using a Fast Track schedule to allow the Mercersburg Academy use of the existing facility to the extent desired by the school throughout construction operations.  The existing Triple Gym, Natatorium, Squash Center and Wrestling Areas were in use throughout the duration of construction.  Temporary facilities and staging areas were designed and provided to achieve this usage.



Project Data

Floor Area:  37,000 sq.ft.
New Additions:  4,400 sq.ft.
Construction Start Date:  March 8, 2010
Construction Completion Date:  November 4, 2010
Owner Occupancy:  November 4, 2010
Construction Cost:  $7,397,688.00
Original Owner Requested Completion:  November 15, 2010