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Rockwell Construction Co. specializes in commercial construction projects of up to $20,000,000 in total value.  These include Invited Bid, Competitive Bid and Design-Build projects.  Owner/Operator J. Craig Rockwell has more than 30 years experience in commercial construction and residential construction as a certified Professional Engineer.  This allows Rockwell Construction to maintain direct oversight of our Design-Build projects throughout every phase, from design development through project implementation.  Rockwell Construction Co. also maintains close working relationships with local Architects, further facilitating our Design-Build capabilities.  Here are some examples of projects we have recently completed which showcase our Design-Build as well as competitive bid efforts.

Rockwell Construction Co. offers professional, high quality and cost conscious commercial construction to Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. With over 50 years experience, our talented team will make your building project a success that you can be proud of.

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